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Why We're Great >

Why We're Great >

How The Carrie Card Company started....

After years of handcrafting cards for family and friends artist Deborah Carrie started The Carrie Card Company. The artistic cards were designed for urban consumers and businesses. The cards depict positive images, events, and social issues. We use premium card stock  paper, photographic prints and artist embellishments to bring the cards to life. The cards include envelopes and are enclosed in a plastic sleeve for protection. We appreciate your support of The Carrie Card Company.  



I've always been an artist. I love to paint and share my art. Notecards are a great way to share my art .

Deborah, Artist
Why I enjoy providing media content
Why I love shipping your orders

I love sharing these cards on social media, Don't forget to tag us online. 

Alicia, Media

I love getting the cards ready for shipment. I handle each package with CARE. 

Ashley, Shipping
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